The Team

  • yves curtat
    Yves Curtat
    CEO and Founder
    yves curtat

    CEO and Founder Yves Curtat

    54 years old
    Institut supérieur du Commerce de Paris - 1986 

    Yves is a retail expert and entrepreneur. Early in his career, he founded a below the line communication company in 1986 which specialized in retail practices and was bought by BBDO group. He then founded a CRM company in 1999 that created loyalty programs for retailers, later bought by Havas group.

    Yves acted as independent strategic retail innovation consultant with an expertise in omnichannel transformation for approximately 20 years working with leading retailers such as Nespresso and Orange.

    Yves has become a subject-matter expert in business value delivered by using technology in retail over the years and is now focused on RFID SaaS solutions with Retail Reload.

  • Hervé Lecart
    VP Information Systems

    VP Information Systems Hervé Lecart

    53 years old
    Paris IX Dauphine University - 1991
    Paris VII Pierre & Marie Curie University -1992 

    Herve brings 25 years of experience in software product management and SaaS services (see achievements at Open Trust MFT and Letreco) with an entrepreneurial background.

    He recently spent two years working in the international product design team at DocuSign, the worldwide leader in cloud digital signature Docusign based in San Francisco, CA USA prior to joining Retail Reload.

  • Frédéric Garzon
    Chief Technical Officer

    Chief Technical Officer Frédéric Garzon

    46 years old
    École Supérieure d’électricité (SUPELEC) - 1996 

    Frédéric has more than 20 years of experience in software development, information security and software technical sales.

    He spent 5 years in the US working for IDnomic, a French Software vendor, developing technical partnerships and indirect sales for Cloud solutions.

    He is passionate about helping customers make the best of the technologies Retail Reload provides. He also understands the complex organizational & business challenges that come with large software projects.

  • Thomas Boisde
    Value Chain Manager

    Value Chain Manager Thomas Boisde

    43 years old École de Production et des Méthodes Industrielles (EPMI)

    Thomas has alternatively held cross-functional and operational positions for over 10 years in the supply chain industry.

    He worked for different renowned groups across diverse industry sectors (automotive / Renault, FMCG / Kellogg’s and Nestle Purina, cosmetics / Loreal, aeronautics / Dassault, glass industry / SGD Saint Gobain Desjonqueres) leading to his vast knowledge and retail expertise that is applied to Retail Reload client projects.

  • Gwladys Montredon
    Support Manager

    Support Manager Gwladys Montredon

    Université Pierre et Marie Cury - Mathematics master 

    Gwladys came to Retail Reload with 19 years of experience in IT companies with 14 years of software project management. At Retail Reload, Gwladys oversees all our customer deployments and guarantees their stability and proper implementation. Glwadys brings a strong technical and functional understanding of the RFID challenges to customer projects.

  • Julien Lauper
    Director of Operations

    Director of Operations Julien Lauper

    Engineering in computer sciences and applied mathematics, ENSEEIHT, 1999 

    Julien has more than 10 years of experience in IT companies. Before joining Retail Reload, he was Global Services Team leader and software consultant at IDNomic. He also held the position as the R&D product manager while at IDNomic.

    At Retail Reload, Julien manages all the technical operations related to the support of our solution.

  • Guillaume Verne
    VP – Pre-Sales Manager

    VP – Pre-Sales Manager Guillaume Verne

    53 years old
    Graduate of Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris - 1991

    Guillaume has worked in French administration (1988-1991), corporate communication (1992-1995) and as a strategic planner (1995-2000).

    In 2000, Guillaume joined the CRM company that Yves Curtat had founded as a Managing Partner where he developed a strong expertise in pre-sales. In 2007, he became Managing Partner of the Retail Innovation consulting company co-founded with Yves Curtat. Today, Guillaume is a subject-matter expert in omnichannel and IoT strategy for the retail industry continuing to work closely with Yves at Retail Reload.

  • Xiaodong Sun
    Senior Developer

    Senior Developer Xiaodong Sun

    Computer Science Professional Master 2 (Paris-Sud XI University)

    Xiaodong brings over 10 years of experience in design and software development to Retail Reload.   Xiaodong is passionate about new technologies and was involved in the development of innovative and ergonomic products using the most advanced technologies prior to joining our team.

  • Nicolas Justin
    Product Technical Manager

    Product Technical Manager Nicolas Justin

    UPJV Master Degree in Computer Science, 2003

    Nicolas has more than 15 years of experience designing and leading innovative software products in various complex environments such as cryptography, smart cards, industrial critical systems, automotive cybersecurity, and embedded deep learning architectures. All of these technologies where deployed by major French, US and German companies. At Retail Reload, Nicolas is a Technical Manager for our products.

  • ewa
    Ewa Mindur-Simon
    Office Manager

    Office Manager Ewa Mindur-Simon

    Ewa Mindur-Simon
    AGH University of Science and Technology, Poland - MSc in Engineering
    Paris Est XII University (UPEC) - Master in international management 

    Ewa joined Retail Reload in May 2017. Ewa currently works as  the Office Manager as well Executive Assistant to the CEO. Ewa keeps the business running  smoothly providing guidance and support to the management and all Retail Reload clients.